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WEB-STORE.NET  is a privately held company with offices in Milwaukee, WI USA. Doing business both locally and internationally, we can span cultural barriers. We own or lease server farms in Florida USA and California USA. We maintain LINUX servers, which are connected by CISCO© routers through multiple T1's to the Internet backbone.

WEB-STORE.NET  offers consulting services that have saved both public and private clients hundreds of thousands of dollars by mentoring current projects as well as conceptualizing new ones.

WEB-STORE.NET  is experienced in server security especially concerning web sites. We have provided both public and private clients with security scripting. We work on secure (SSL) LINUX servers everyday. Inquire if you have a security concern (all brands of LINUX).

WEB-STORE.NET  is a pioneer in the open source movement, LINUX patches, PERL scripting. We offer reasonable rates for public or private clients.

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